Advantages of Using SMT over Through-Hole in PCB Assembly

Through-hole was once the king during the 1950s. It dominated the electronic industry as the top printed circuit board (PCB) assembly technique at that time. However, despite being the better mounting technique then, it still had some significant flaws that needed solutions.quick turn pcb assembly

30 years forward, another mounting technology rose to fame. Since its popularity surged in the 1980s, Surface Mount technology (SMT) took over the industry like wildfire. It has completely devoured its competitors, including the once revered through-hole, as the most preferred mounting technology in quick turn pcb assembly.

SMT is the process wherein the components are mounted directly onto the PCB. It involves applying solder paste through a stencil or screen to the areas of the board where it is required. The components are then set in place using a pick and place machine. Then, the board with the components is placed in a surface mount machine to solder them.

With the promises and solutions brought by SMT, the electronic industry benefited greatly from this discovery. These advantages that are not present in through-hole include the following.

Smaller Components

One significant changes made in SMT is the size of its components. Surface mount components (SMC) are now comparably smaller than the old through-hole components. Because of the smaller size, several advantages sprung from this change.

First, SMC take lesser board space than through-hole. Since the components in SMT are now smaller, it does not require bigger space from the surface of the board. As a result, there is an increase in pin count of components in SMT.

With smaller components, smaller and lightweight circuit boards are produced. Smaller board means faster circuit speed, which is ideal for many applications.

Both Sides of the PCB Can Be Used

Quick-Turn-PCB-AssemblyIn SMT PCB assembly, the components can also be mounted on both sides of the board. Since this process does not involve drilling holes, placing components on both sides of the board is possible.

This makes the surface mount boards to have higher density per unit area compared to through-hole. There are also more connections per component in SMT, which maximizes the computing power of electronic devices.

Reduced Costs

Although the cost of the machine can be steep, other production costs can be reduced in this technology. This is because production materials in SMT are comparably cheaper than that of through-hole.

These reductions include setup and production costs. For instance, the lower the drilled holes in the board, the lower the price of the PCB. In addition, electronic components are also cheaper in SMT PCB assembly.

Since there are less mistakes committed in surface mount, damage costs is also reduced. Lastly, smaller boards are also less expensive than larger ones.

Faster Production

Since the process of placing components onto the board is simpler and is automated, SMT provides much faster productions than through-hole. Placement machines are capable of attaching over 136,000 components onto the board per hour.

The high volume production is suitable for companies to produce more without spending too much.

Better Performance

With SMT, assembly of components onto the board is secured from trailing components or loose leads. Since a machine is used to set the components in place, the room for errors is lesser compared to through-hole. Even if there are errors, it can be corrected easily because of the surface tension which pulls the components to align properly.

Since SMT produces smaller boards, this also provides better performing PCB. The lesser space consumed makes more components to be placed on the board. With more components, there are also more connections built which can greatly improve the functions of the board.

There are also fewer unwanted RF signal effects, which leads to high frequency performance. Furthermore, SMT provides a better mechanical performance. It can withstand certain conditions such as shaking and vibrating.

SMT is undeniably the better option when it comes to assembling a circuit board. It is the perfect technique for designing and production. The skills and technology in SMT is also incomparable to the other techniques.

With SMT, manufacturers enjoy the benefits it provides. Thus, it enables them to compete better in the market.Quic- turn-pcb-assembly

However, despite the clear benefits of SMT, through-hole still remains useful in the quick turn pcb assembly today. For instance, it is still the ideal technique used in the prototyping process. Hence, combining these two techniques is still necessary to come up with the optimum results.

Whether it is SMT or through-hole, we at Imagineering ensure that we have the right skills and knowledge to utilize these mounting techniques.

Features and Add-Ons that can Make your Custom Embroidered Patches Look Better

Lots of people simply purchase the standard options offered by manufacturers to them when they buy items. Lots of companies that sell custom patches do not offer much options as well. It is always best to have lots of options, so you can create a more unique design for your custom embroidered patches. Aside from that, there are also certain features and add-ons that can definitely make your patches look a lot better regardless of how you design them.

Frayed Edges

This is actually an unusual option for the borders of your patches since the most common options that most people go for are those that can provide a clean look, such as the border or the laser cut option. Frayed borders can make your custom embroidered patches produce a vintage look. If you opt for this border type, it would be best to have your patches sewn right after the fraying to avoid it from spreading and potentially ruining the items in the long run.

Puffed Embroidery

This feature can give your custom patches a 3D look. Puffed embroidery option works best if you opt for the 100 percent embroidery option. A patch covered with embroidery can be much stiffer and this can protect the puffed embroidery. This is commonly offered as an add-on, but not all of the manufacturers offer this feature. You can choose which part of your design you want to be puffed in order to add emphasis to it. You can have your texts or images puffed.

Custom Patches

Neon and Glow in the Dark Colors

There are groups and people who purchase embroidered patches with special threads and colors, such as the neon and glow in the dark ones for specific purposes. Lots of them purchase these patches simply because they look more unique than those that just have the regular threads and colors.

Organizers are among the groups that usually use embroidered patches with these colors and threads since they actually work well on events, such as children’s party, night parties and all sorts of events that need the patches to be visible in the dark, more creative or a factor that can help them identify organizers from different kinds of participants.

Metallic Threads

If you want your patches to become more attractive, metallic threads can work well for you. These threads can help make your designs highly noticeable because of their flashy colors. Metallic threads come with a wide range of colors that can go well with the designs you have in mind. In most cases, it is best to blend the metallic threads with those that are not.

For example, you can leave the back grounds with the regular thread type and opt to use metallic threads on the main sections of your design. This can add emphasis on the most important characters, images or details on your patches. There are only a few embroideries that offer metallic threads. On our company, we offer this option as an add-on.

Custom Embroidered Patches

There are lots of reasons why embroidered patches are better than direct embroidery. There are certain cases where the designs can hardly be applied on the surface of the garments. It can result to a distorted look on the embroidery. You can consider caps as an example. Certain fabrics, such as leather and nylon, are hard to embroider as well. This is where custom embroidered patches can be of great help. If you want to place your embroidered designs on these types of clothes, you simply need to select the right backings that can work well on your garments.

One of the best parts about custom patches is that you can do pretty much anything you want on their designs. You can even have them made with different shapes and place holes on the center of their areas. With the numerous areas that you can customize, features and add-ons to choose from, you will definitely end up making a unique and creative look for your embroidered patches. This is one of the best reasons why you should wisely consider which company you will purchase from since not all of the online sellers can provide a wide range of customization features and options.

With all the options at hand, all you need now is a good concept to create a great looking design. Fill it with some of the unique and creative features and add-ons and you can be certain that you can create custom embroidered patches you might have not expected. Of course, it would be better to leave this work to the professionals who are already experienced on this field.


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Rockbottomgolf Lesson: The History of Golf Apparel

These days, golf apparel is just as important as golf equipment.  It is a multi-million dollar enterprise, and its importance to players cannot be undermined.  Golf apparel has changed and evolved throughout the years.  To guide us through the history of golf apparel, Rockbottomgolf has come up with a short history lesson.  Rockbottomgolf offers the latest golf apparel at discounted prices.

Golf apparel has always had a very distinct style, and dressing for a game of golf requires you to don appropriate clothing that matches the occasion, as well as the weather. Technology has something to do with the way golf apparel has changed, much the same way as it changed the way that golf is played.

The Beginnings of Golf Apparel

Golfers from as early as the 17th century usually wore clothing in order to protect themselves against the harsh elements, particularly the weather in Scotland, where golf originated from.

The look of golfers stemmed from practical beginnings.  For instance, men wore knickerbockers that ended below the knee to guard against the wind blowing off the water.  The windy courses in Scotland also made men wear heavy tweed jackets, tweed caps, and sturdy shoes.

Golf Apparel

The 1900s to 1920s

Even though golf gained mass popularity in the early years of the 1900s, more affluent players wore a single-breasted jacked with a waist coat and knickers cut about four inches longer, typically called plus fours.  Long golf socks or golf hoses with patterns, two-tone spectator shoes, and a tie completed the ensemble.  Golf players also wore cardigans and jackets on cooler weather.

Moving Away from Traditional Attire

By the 1930s, more and more golfers are switching from the more traditional plus four knickers to flannel trousers.  Men used the more traditional colors of white and gray and began removing the neckties.  The US Open in the summer of 1933 was played amidst a severe heat wave, which inspired more lightweight and less formal clothing from the players.

The burgeoning modernity of fashion that is appropriate for both genders also made changes in golf apparel.  Golfers began playing without the formal jacket.  However, those that were retained were ties and tucking trousers into socks.  During cooler weather, the V-neck sweater became a popular clothing choice.

During the 1940s men began wearing the short-sleeved knitted short, which is the most recognized look of golfers even up to present times.  They also began wearing slacks of a lighter fabric in various colors.  The shoes that they wore were sturdy and came with spiked soles.  They also wore snap-brim hats to protect their heads. During post-war games, shorts became more acceptable.

Golf Apparels

Modern Day Golf Attire

During the 1950s, Arnold Palmer introduced the cotton shirt, lightweight trousers and oxford shoes, attire that inspired classic athleticism into the world of golf.  During this time, many golfers have chosen to wear very colorful and flamboyant clothing, verging on costumes, and Arnold just wanted to bring back the dignity of the sport. In the 1960s, nylon fabrics became the rage so nylon windbreakers became very popular.

There was renewed interest in golf when the film Caddyshack released in the 1980s.  Many players went back to more traditional clothing but with the advent of technology, the fabrics became better.  Stretch fabrics, moisture-wicking technology and waterproof fabrics were used in golf apparel.  DryJoys, a waterproof leather shoe introduced by Footjoy in 1989, became very popular.  During the 80’s Greg Norman became well-known for his distinct style within the golf course, spawning his own clothing line.

With the commercialization of the game of gold, the era of sponsorship came in the 1990s, with major clothing brands sponsoring pro players.  As a result, professional players donned the logos and colors of the companies that sponsor them.  Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Levi’s, and other clothing manufacturers all jumped into this trend.

The balance between performance, comfort and aesthetics became the battle cry of golf apparel in the 2000s.  Technical innovation ruled golf wear.  The advent of social media and the internet exposed more and more people to the game, and celebrities who play golf were seen by their fans online.

Golfing Apparel from Rockbottomgolf

As golf apparel becomes more popular and more technologically advanced, there is now a need to purchase items that is more appropriate on the course.  Because of this, golf apparel, since it is highly specialized, can also get a little expensive.  The good news is that Rockbottomgolf has an entire collection of golf apparel such as shirts and tops, pants, shorts, outerwear rainwear, hats and caps, even belts, sock and undergarments.  These are all from top brands and come at discounted rates.

Visit the Rockbottomgolf website to check out the latest apparel on offer. The leading online discount golf retailer also features their 50% off clearance cave, where customers can purchase items at an even bigger discount.  There are available items on sale in the clearance cave from brands such as Mizuno, Puma, Callaway, Adams Golf, and many more.


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Motivational Speakers can Make or Break You

Are you looking for motivational speakers that you think can help you? Have you tried looking everywhere but it seems you always end up disappointed? There are a lot of speakers in existence today. Each of them offers something they think their competitors do not have. However, we firmly believe that speakers have codes of ethics they need to follow.

As a motivational speaker, you need to accomplish the following: first, you need to define a proven methodology to implement ideas. Imagine sitting in room for almost an hour and yet nothing is being accomplished. All the time that you sit there, all that you hear is his life story. As speakers, they are required to give you a clear idea about the company and a step by step guide on how to be successful in the business. Second, motivational speakers should focus on the individual.

As motivational speaker, their message should cater to the needs of his audience. Some speakers include some examples of success stories wherein his audience can easily identify with. In this way they easily get the idea that they can also achieve success the same way. Third, speakers inspire the employees to be self-motivated. There is a saying that once the boss is away, employees act in a certain way. This should not be the case. As speakers, they teach their employees on how their attitude should be even if their supervisor is not around.

Fourth, many motivational speakers will motivate the employees to share the company’s vision

How many times have we heard speakers talk about themselves and how they achieve success? In this way the employees, clients, distributors can easily identify with the speaker and want to have the same success story for them. In this way you are helping your audience to have the same vision as that of the company. Lastly, speakers implement a continuing education program for their employees. As speakers, their job never stops after their speech. In fact, they encourage their employees and business partners to pursue further studies by attending other seminars or workshops that the company offers. These seminars will help employees to achieve the necessary changes in order to achieve their goals.

Motivational Speaker Now that we’ve learned of what to expect from motivational speakers, we should also be aware of things they should never do.

First, they should never rush. Have you been to a seminar and notice that the speaker is delivering his speech so fast that the audience does not understand a word that he says? Since many speakers only has limited time to deliver their speeches sometimes they wanted to put everything they need to say in so short a time? However, we must remember that even if they only have a short time, these should never be an excuse for speaking so fast. If necessary, write down notes so that even if you were given a short time you can still include some important topics in your speech without having to rush.

Second, don’t pretend that you do not see the audience’s reactions

One of the scariest experiences for new speakers is their audience’s reactions. Most especially if the reaction is a negative one. This is why many rookie speakers try to ignore these audiences. Even if this method can help to gain confidence however they fail to realize of adjust according to the audience’s needs. If you notice the audience to be so stiff during your speeches, why not inject some humorous stories to make it livelier?

Motivational Speakers

Third, don’t use words that your audience doesn’t understand. Some speakers try to impress their audience by using some highfalutin words. Always remember that speaker’s main objective is to tell a story that appeal to the emotions. Some speakers make the mistake of trying to impress their audience by appearing as if they know everything. This is the reason why many people try to avoid this kind of speakers. They feel that they are not repeatable and will never learn from them.

In conclusion, these are just some of things you should be looking for in a motivational speaker. Just have fun and enjoy the session with them. If at the end of the session you still are not satisfied you can listen to other speakers that can boost you as a person, an individual and as a worker.

Here we are sharing some important points you should be looking for in motivational speakers. For more details contact to us.

The Digital Signage Advantage

Keeping up with the times is very important because change, digitalsign7elements_515after all is inevitable. This is especially true in sectors of the society such as schools, government institutions and of course, business corporations and establishments. For an instance, everything and everyone is going digital nowadays and you better keep up or you fade into the background and lose the race of humanity towards progress and innovation.

The utilization of the digital signage is one of the signs (no pun intended) that society is keeping up with the demands and needs of the times. You can find them virtually everywhere: reception areas, lounges, street corners, banks, restaurants, hotels, marketplaces any space that are public. Many people are always on the move and by providing digital signages in every area possible, information and communication are accessed conveniently by the mobile and diverse society.The primary and most signage_diagram 1important purpose of these digital displays is to communicate with people and provide them information. People have always looked at media as a means of getting information, thus the popularity of the television and of the internet as “windows to the world”. And whether you admit it or not, at this age, the power of the screen is really hard to resist. Everybody has computers, mobile phones, televisions and other gadgets. Just by looking at that alone, nobody can deny how visual people can be. In fact, studies have shown that there has been a great increase in people’s visual intelligence and forecasts have been made that by 2018, a huge percentage of communication will already be delivered in visual form. Social media, for an instance, has already caught up on this trend. Visual media has really changed how the public, particularly the consumers, get and process information.
The advent of the digital signage capitalizes on this.The use of this device is a wise decision not only because a majority of the population is digital-signage-for-schools-universities-headervisual but because of many more causes. If you aim to increase public reach, digital displays are really much more advantageous than other channels of communication such as bulletins and posters because of the following reasons:
Digital signages can disseminate information and communication in real-time; they are a cheaper means of communication channel; multiple features such as images, text and videos can be shown all at once in the screen thus making it more attractive to people; and the contents you want to display are easier to manipulate and change depending on your wants, needs and purposes.
Digital signages have become so high-tech that they can provide you the means of displaying a wide variety of content: text and graphics, PowerPoint presentations, event schedules, polls, contests and surveys, videos, cable feeds and streaming, social media and even alert notifications.how_digital_signage_works_02
Some might think that operating the system of digital signages is difficult and complicated but they are wrong. Learning to operate a digital signage system can simply be done in a minimum number of hours sometimes, even just for two hourssince online trainings are provided by the companies who produce them. Online supports are provided to teach you the basics in creating, importing and scheduling content as well as creating user roles and configuring settings as easy as that.
Technology has provided society visual-communications-give-you-a-healthy-advantage-4-638with so many means of getting ahead in this world, of keeping up with the steady influx of information. The digital signage is in the center of this technological advancement. It is hard to ignore and its advantages as a tool for communication cannot be discounted as something minor. Why not harness it to your utmost advantage?